HANSA C7 Brush Chipper
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HANSA C7 Brush Chipper


If you own a larger property of one to ten acres with lots of trees, flowers and vegetable garden, you will find the average type shredder on the market in the 2 to 5 HP range is simply not satisfactory for processing all your prunings, trimmings and clean up material into compost or mulch. They cannot cope with the volume of materials to be processed. They are too slow, the inlets are often too small so that the material has to be precut before you feed it into the machine, or they are too lightly built.

With the Hansa C7, no precutting is necessary and branches flow into the machine by themselves . The cutting blades shear the material against an adjustable hardened counterknife, or anvil. This action will work just as efficiently in 10 years' time as on the first day, provided the knives are kept sharp.  Hansa Model C7 has a very efficient self feeding action. This 'self - feeding' action is due to the design of the rotor and the blade set-up, resulting in a user friendly machine easy on the operator. The inertia generated by the large rotor disk creates enough momentum to keep cutting as well as giving the machine enough draught to discharge the mulch up to 4m away (or close to the operating area by adjusting the deflector on the outlet chute). Having a discharge height of 0.7m makes Model C7 ideal for discharging onto a trailer, ute deck or wheelbarrow, eliminating the need for any double handling of mulch.

The Hansa Brush Chipper Model C7 operates with 2 cutting knives, the most efficient way to process branch material. It will chip / shred any branches (green or dry), general garden prunings, hedge material, vines and flower stalks. The simple design of Model C7 allows full access to the inside of the machine by pivoting open the outlet chute. This makes changing blades for sharpening simple and requires little effort. The blades will last anywhere up to 30 hours use before requiring sharpening, depending on the type of material being mulched. The cantilever rotor design allows stringy materials such as flax and cabbage tree leaves to be processed, without running the risk of wrapping around a shaft.

The Hansa range of chippers / shredders contain no plastic components - we have tried them and they do not last. The housing, inlet and outlet chutes are made of solid steel.

Feat ures

  •   One in feed chute with large opening at convenient operating height
  •   Quality engine – Honda 4 stroke GX200
  •   Self-feeding action, capacity of 70mm branches
  •   Easy starting with manual revolving grip handle clutch and twin belt drive
  •   High discharge into trailer, wheelbarrow or stockpile
  •   Solid housing construction of 5mm steel plate
  •   Easy to transport, well balanced on large pneumatic wheels
  •   Easy access to knives and clearing of housing – a few turns of the wing-nut and everything is  accessible within seconds
  •   Quality hyperloc powder-coated finish
  •   12 month warranty
  •   New Zealand made for New Zealand conditions


  Weight (kg) Height (mm) Width (mm) Length (mm) Approx Capacity*
6.5HP (max) Honda engine 72 1200 650 900 70mm branches
*depending on the type and hardness of the wood


When you compare different makes of machines, be careful, as some manufacturers rate their capacity by the size of the opening, which is misleading. Through a 75mm opening you can practically feed only a 50mm branch. The inlet opening size of the Hansa C7 at the blades is 130 x 150mm.

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