Plate Compactors

Plate Compactors

The MEIWA plate compactor range is a common sight at sites where any small to medium compaction jobs are being undertaken. Used extensively by landscapes, builders, drain-layers and many other contractors for preparation for paths, driveways, roads,  footings, drains, retaining walls and many other maintenance and repair tasks. Our plate compactors being MADE IN JAPAN have built a reputation for top quality, performance and experience.

MADE IN JAPAN - MEIWA is renowned for their long standing excellence in the design and engineering since 1945


MEIWA has a large range of small construction equipment. If you’re wondering if our plate compactors match your requirements, here are some factors to consider:

Plate compactors can be broadly categorized into single-plates and reversible plates. A single-plate compactor only moves in a forward direction and is the popular choice for smaller jobs such as roading repairs, driveways, landscaping, drain laying and so on. Reversible plate compactors move in forward and reverse directions; reversible plate compactors are used for compacting sub-bases or achieving deep depth compaction.

The shape and size of the plate affects compaction. The curved plate makes it easy to turn the compactor and does not gouge the material being compacted. The dimensions of the plate are key to working in tight places.

Plate compactors that come with a water tank are recommended for Asphalt compaction. The water acts as a barrier between the hot asphalt and cold compaction plate, removing the risk that the plate will adhere to the asphalt.