The rammer is an important member of the light compaction tool family used to apply brute ‘percussive’ force to consolidate material. The machine’s foot is responsible for the shearing action that breaks bonds between soil particles and displaces the water and air trapped between soil layers. Sites with confined spaces particularly benefit from rammers on a variety of soil types.

If you want quality rammers for light compaction, base preparation for asphalt patching and trench work, look no further than MEIWA.

MADE IN JAPAN - MEIWA is renowned for their long standing excellence in the design and engineering since 1945


Our rammers online are available in a variety of configurations across weight, foot size and engines. The entry-level RT50R weighs a comfortable 55 kg, is powered by a Robin EH series engine and equipped with a 2.5L fuel tank. Robin engines are known for their quick start, low noise, low emissions and fuel efficiency. Their throttle control system is designed to reduce dry weight and ensure low vibration, while a reinforced crankcase increased stiffness and durability.

The RT70F rammer compactor is equipped with the Honda GX120, a small four-stroke gas engine offering superior performance and reliability. Lower noise levels, emissions and vibrations, and high output and performance have made it a sought-after option for a variety of applications, including commercial gardening, construction, industrial and agricultural equipment.

Prominent features of the new RTX models

  • Air Filtration – An extra larger three way air filter system (not on other makes). A long term benefit for these machines in demanding dusty conditions
  • Carburation – The preferred float bowl style carburettor, which performs consistently with vibration.
  • Operation – Contractors are loving the smooth operation of these machines, reducing operator fatigue.
  • Balance - Low centre of gravity for stability and ease of operation, while achieving a higher compaction rate
  • Transport -  Rollers are mounted to the handle for easy and convenient transportation.