Vibratory Rollers

Vibratory Rollers

Our vibratory rollers are a sought-after choice for asphalt, soil and granular compaction. If you’re looking for quality, MADE IN JAPAN, durable and ergonomic equipment you have found what you are looking for.

MADE IN JAPAN - MEIWA is renowned for their long standing excellence in the design and engineering since 1945


Our range of vibratory rollers online offers you choice in terms of operating weight, drum size and centrifugal force rating. They are equipped with either Honda or Kubota engines. The Honda commercial engine in the MR25H is the GX160, which is regarded for its excellent power output and performance and low noise and emissions.

The Kubota EA series engine in the MSR5KM, MSR6KM and MSR7M has been powering a variety of applications reliably for over three decades. It is reliable, meets Tier 4 Final emission regulations and has an asbestos-free design, is known for quick start-ups and has a high-speed flyweight governor for stable operation at low revolution speeds.

The water-cooled, diesel powered engines make light work of challenging terrain and reduce operator fatigue. The hydrostatic drive ensures smooth starting and stopping. Being fully hydrostatic, our vibratory rollers increases compacting force, and is able to handle rougher terrain or gradients more easily. Additionally, you can avoid the regular maintenance and adjustments required of chain driven rollers.

The hand-controlled lever allows operators to control vibration as needed.

Depending on your requirements, you can choose from an operating weight of 270kg to 737kg and centrifugal forces ranging from 850kgf to 2040kgf, and drum sizes in various diameters and widths.

Across all configurations, from parking lots to paving jobs, you are assured maximum compaction efficiency.

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