Canycom CM 1401

  • $12,644.00

Mow long grass and shrub, on slopes, with ease!

The Canycom CM1401 ride on brushcutter is an all terrain mower that is worthy of more than a passing look. With a super low centre of gravity, and the ability to cut through heavy brush thanks to a shaft driven deck + flails, the CM1401 will take you places that no other mower in NZ can.

  • Made in Japan - Superior engineering quality
  • Ultra low seat height for easy mowing around and under obstacles
  • Super low centre of gravity for easily mowing on slopes
  • Shaft driven cutting deck - not belts - much more power to the blades.
  • Compact mowing width
  • Tight turning radius for better maneuverability and speed.
  • Diff lock for ultimate traction
  • Hi and Lo ratio gearbox
  • Comfortable ride and easy operation
The selectable diff lock, high and low gear ratio and shaft driven cutting deck means this 2 wheel drive machine will cope with tough undergrowth that would kill a normal mower.

Finally, a mower that will stay upright on slopes, and won't chicken out when it hits the rough.

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