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Kiwicare LawnPro Lawn Thickener Spreader 2.8kg
Kiwicare LawnPro Lawn Thickener Spreader 2.8kg
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SKU: G42015

Kiwicare LawnPro Lawn Thickener Spreader 2.8kg

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LawnPro Lawn Thickener is an innovative product for easy application of lawn seed and nutrients to lawns. The Even-Flo spreader device makes even application of lawn food granules as easy as walking on the lawn. The unique ball design spreader creates a perfect, even spread of granules across the lawn, giving great results every time.


Easy to apply – ergonomic handle design, flip open spout, walk over lawn and let the spreader evenly apply the granules.

Blend of fescue, ryegrass and browntop seeds* with special coating to improve water retention and germination.

Covers up to 100 m2

NPK 6 : 2.5 : 3.7

Combination of immediately available nutrients and slow release to give strong germination and growth.

Gypsum to improve soil condition and drainage.

Humic acids and organic ingredients improve soil structure and microbial balance.

*About the grasses:
Red fescue
 (Festuca rubra) is a fine-bladed grass with a deep green colour. It does not require much fertiliser and is tolerant of drought.
Perennial ryegrass (Lolium perenne) is a fine-textured, rich green grass. It has a high tolerance for cold temperatures.
Browntop (Agrotis capillaris) is a fine-textured, bluish green grass. It is tolerant of low fertility soils and has a low growth habit requiring less mowing.