STIHL BGA 85 Blower
STIHL BGA 85 Blower
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STIHL BGA 85 Blower

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Innovative, high-performance cordless blower. The extra quiet engine makes it ideally suited for use around the house or in noise-sensitive areas such as schools and hospitals. Easy to use. The soft grip and infinitely variable speed control for adjusting the intensity of the air stream further improve user comfort.

Technical data

Running time with Battery AP 120 min up to 15
Air flow m³/h 1) 665
Weight kg 2) 3,2
Sound pressure level dB(A) 3) 83
Sound power level dB(A) 3) 98
Blowing force N 4) 10
Airspeed m/s 47
Vibration value, right m/s ² 5) 2,5
Max. airspeed m/s 56
Battery life time AP 200 min 6) up to 16
Battery life time AP 300 min 6) up to 24

1) With round nozzle
2) excluding battery
3) K-factor according to DIR 2006/42/EC = 2.5 dB (A)
4) Combination of airspeed and air throughput
5) K-factor according to DIR 2006/42/EC = 2m / s ²
6) Battery life times are approximate and may vary depending on application.

Standard features

  • Safety locking button

    All STIHL battery products have a locking button with which you can lock the device. This prevents the blower starting unintentionally when a live battery is inserted.

  • Hanging loop

    Hang your cordless blower securely on a wall to save space using the loop in the handle housing.

  • Multi-function handle

    Thanks to the multi-function handle, all the controls can be activated with one hand. The control level allows the user to continuously adjust the engine speed. Simple and reliable operation, no matter whether you are right or left-handed.

  • EC-Motor

    The electronically controlled STIHL electric motor (EC) operates without carbon brushes, is virtually free of mechanical wear and achieves a degree of efficiency that by far exceeds that of conventional electric motors. The power of the battery is optimised to enhance the machine performance.

  • Control lever

    With the control lever, the engine speed can be continuously adjusted to regulate the air flow. After releasing the lever, the engine stops immediately.

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